Laval hosts second annual Awareness Exhibition with Sonia Benezra


by Rhonda Massad

The bilingual Awareness Exhibition catering to the mind, body and soul will be held at the Chateau Royal in Laval on February 20 and 21. 

Close to 130 exhibitors from all over Quebec will touch on themes such as health care,  spiritual therapy, meditation, yoga, natural foods, organic products, art, gemstones, singing bowls, astrology, numerology, acupuncture and divination.

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Kathy Tropiano, spiritual hypnotherapist and the event organizer, offers hypnosis sessions that allow access to memories that are inaccessible, in a state of awakened consciousness. Her goal for the event is to raise consciousness on health and well being, focusing on the themes of mind body and soul.

“I’m super excited that the second edition of The Awareness Exhibition is back! This year many public figures will be present and we have a nice panel of English speakers which include Sonia Benezra, Frank Schorpion(actor), Eric Benton (actor), Doctor Madan Bali, Vanessa Gianfrancesco, TV Host at Chef V, and Anne Bérubé who is coming from Halifax just to participate in the conference,’ Tropiano explained to The Suburban.

Tickets are already on sale for $15, free for children under 12.

Ticket information can be found at or by calling 514 974-8923.