Last Supermoon of 2023 Illuminates Sky Tonight: Don’t Miss the Spectacle


Astronomy enthusiasts, take note! The last supermoon of 2023 is set to grace the night sky in just a few hours’ time.

Known as the full harvest moon, this celestial spectacle is slated to reach its peak illumination at 7.57pm (AEST) on Friday, retaining its brilliance until dawn on Saturday.

The harvest supermoon is a visual treat, appearing approximately 5 per cent larger and 13 per cent brighter than an average full moon. In some instances, it even assumes an inviting orange hue. This is a phenomenon not to be missed, for the next such spectacle was last observed on August 30 when the moon was a mere 357,000km away from Earth.

Keen viewers hoping to behold this astronomical event are advised to gravitate towards areas free of light pollution. A location with an unhindered eastern vista would be the most advantageous.

This full harvest moon will be strikingly close, just 361,867km away from Earth, which is about 22,604km nearer than the average distance. The event notably marks the traditional start of the harvest season in the northern hemisphere, thus earning the moniker ‘supermoon.’

While traversing the expanse of the night sky in search of the supermoon, keen-eyed observers might also catch a glimpse of several planets. Venus, Mercury, Saturn, and Jupiter will all take their turn on the celestial stage, appearing in the night sky sometime between midnight and dawn.

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