LaSalle Woman Charged with Stunt Driving for Speeding 80km/h Over Limit


In a shocking incident, a woman in LaSalle has been accused of stunt driving, exceeding the speed limit by more than 80 km/h. The local traffic enforcement brigade reported halting her vehicle in the early hours of a recent Monday morning. This high-speed caper unfolded on Front Road, where the woman was recorded speeding at a staggering 134 km/h in a zone with a prescribed limit of 50 km/h.

The reckless driver, aged 34, was duly charged with stunt driving. Consequences were swift and stringent – she faced a licence suspension lasting 30 days and her vehicle was impounded for a fortnight. LaSalle authorities took this as a grim reminder of the importance of safe and responsible driving, urging locals to maintain appropriate speeds on the road.

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Within Ontario, the laws are clear and explicit- motorist attempting to drive 40 km/h – or more, over a posted speed limit, especially in a zone with a limit of less than 80km/h, are liable to a stunt driving charge under the Highway Traffic Act. Upon conviction, the penalty can be severe, even for first-time offenders – the base fine stands at $2,000 and can rise steeply to a maximum of $10,000.