Las Vegas Woman Sues Casino for $15,000 Claiming Roulette Ball Injury


Las Vegas inhabitant, Dalease Brown is bringing a lawsuit against the Gold Coast Casino Hotel in Las Vegas, seeking $15,000 for damages. The basis for her case revolves around an injury she claims to have sustained to her eye due to an errant roulette ball. In her assertions, she points out that the dealer’s conduct was negligent, thereby leading to the rolling of the ball at an unsafe pace and manner.

Roulette balls are commonly known to weigh about 17 to 18 grams and have a measure slightly more than three-quarters of an inch. According to Brown, the incident took place at the off-Strip Boyd Gaming property on October 28, 2021. She eventually filed the lawsuit on September 25, 2023, within the jurisdiction of the eighth judicial district court of Clark County.

Her lawsuit distinctly reads, “The marble ball ricocheted from the roulette wheel and violently struck the Plaintiff in her left eye at a high rate of speed, severely injuring the Plaintiff.” As a direct consequence of the incident, Brown purports she experienced extreme pain in her eye and ended up with permanent vision impairment.

There have been a few incidents in the past where patrons of casinos have taken legal action for similiar incidents. Leander Stocks, from Washington, D.C., filed a lawsuit in 2015 against the Cordish Companies, the owners of Maryland Live Casino, after an eye injury from an errant roulette ball. The case went to trial but the casino owners were eventually cleared of any accusations.

In 2012, Hung Nguyen of New Orleans took Harrah’s New Orleans Casino to court over a similar eye injury, as reported by the Louisiana Record.

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