Las Vegas Unions’ Overwhelming Strike Vote Shakes Hospitality Industry


On Tuesday, a bold decision was reached when the Culinary Workers Union Local 226 and Bartenders Union Local 165 endorsed a vigorous nod to authorize a strike. This was revealed in their recent post on a social compound, X, formerly known as Twitter, shaking the very foundations of the hospitality industry.

The ballot results highlighted an overwhelming approval of the strike authorization in the heart of Sin City, Las Vegas, with a 95% majority favoring the action. This essential directive empowers the union’s leadership to call the strike to arms when necessary, though discussions with a variety of hotels are on the itinerary for next week.

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The aforementioned unions, representing a formidable force of 60,000 workers between Las Vegas and Reno, saw a potent participation from around 53,000 eligible voters in Tuesday’s critical strike authorization. Alarmingly, approximately 40,000 members are currently laboring under the constraints of an expired contract, which concluded its terms earlier this month.

Noteworthy, however, is the fact that Reno stands uninvolved in the strike authorization vote, representing a divergence in strategies across these two major cities of Nevada.

The crux of the unions’ demands pivots around better pay scales, reductions in workload and quotas, along with the implementation of necessary safety measures. The gravity of these requirements, stated in a preceding press release, underscores the importance of the forthcoming negotiations.

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