Las Vegas Tourism Agency Raise President and CEO Steve Hill Salary to Nearly $400, 000


Las Vegas tourism agency on Tuesday approved the salary raise of the President and CEO Steve Hill. Starting this fall, Hill will earn $397, 590 in a year after a $15, 292 raise.

The raise is set at a time when the Las Vegas Convention Authority (LVCVA) is seeking to transition from the current four-day work in a week to a five-day schedule.

LVCVA board also approved a $500 million advertising contract for Las Vegas-based R&R Partners. The New York-based Grey Global Advertising a small portion of the contract for social branding.

Hill’s role is to promote the City globally and bring more visitors. Hill was to receive a pay raise last year, but it was not possible due to the COVID-19 virus that flattened the Las Vegas economy.

The volume of visitors arriving in Las Vegas is increasing due to COVID-19 vaccines and stimulus checks. However, tourism is still below the pre-pandemic levels and not expected to attain such levels until international travelers and conventioneers return to Vegas.

In an effort to lure conventioneers, LVCVA has unveiled a $1 billion Convention Center West Hall and a Tesla Underground mover system.


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