Las Vegas Strip to Host First Professional Pickleball Tournament at Fontainebleau


The sizzle of the Las Vegas Strip is set to take on a whole new flavor as Fontainebleau unveils plans for a scintillating first: A professional pickleball tournament. Scheduled to unfold within the grandeur of the Strip’s northernmost resort, the Las Vegas Pickleball Cup is set to run August 27 through September 1 as part of the exhilarating whirl of the Professional Pickleball Association Tour.

The existence of the Professional Pickleball Association, though perhaps a surprise to some, is a testament to the sport’s meteoric rise in popularity. An institution since 2018, the Association offers over $5.5 million in annual prize money to both male and female tour players, solidifying its role as the maiden pickleball group in the sports betting arena.

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Fedor Banuchi, the Senior VP of Entertainment at Fontainebleau, expressed pride at the prospect of the hotel playing host to this thrilling event. “We pride ourselves on being industry leaders in the live event, sporting, and entertainment space,” he stated. “So to be able to host one of the fastest-growing sports in the world is an honor.”

The sport of pickleball indeed holds the distinction of being the fastest growing sport in the US, as per the Sports and Fitness Industry Association’s 2023 proclamation. That same year, nearly 5 million enthusiasts were engaged in the thrill of the game.

First crafted in 1965 in Washington State, pickleball is an invigorating racket or paddle game. A match can either be a singles face-off or a doubles duel. The objective is to volley a hollow plastic ball over the net until one adversary either falters in returning the ball or commits an infraction.

The sport, which found its way into Webster’s Dictionary in 1973, carries a deceptive resemblance to a compact version of tennis or an expanded version of ping-pong. However, pickleball rules diverge significantly from both.

The Las Vegas Pickleball Cup promises a unique and unobstructed playfield, electing Fontainebleau’s exquisite 105,000 square-foot Royal Ballroom as the venue. Resplendent with plush carpeting and devoid of obstructive support beams, it offers both players and spectators a matchless experience.

Those interested in competing can register for a $95 fee alongside a $40 event fee per entry. Meanwhile, spectators seeking to revel in the adrenaline-filled spectacle can secure their tickets for a modest fee of $25.