Las Vegas Satisfaction Soars Despite Rising Costs


In a dazzling city where the neon lights never fade and the lure of luck is seemingly etched onto every corner, Las Vegas continues to carve out its reputation as an oasis of entertainment in the midst of the Mojave Desert. The allure of extravagant shows, opulent casinos, and the promise of making unforgettable memories comes with a burgeoning price tag that doesn’t seem to deter the flow of tourists seeking the quintessential Vegas experience.

As the glinting skyline of the city boasts hotels and resorts competing in luxury, guests find that their wallets must be just as extravagant to match the ever-increasing costs of indulgence in Sin City. The price for a cocktail now stretches wallet strings with an upward tick beyond the $20 mark, while room rates soar even higher, rivaling the towering heights of the casinos themselves. This new norm hasn’t seemed to dampen the spirits of those traveling to the gambling capital of the world, however, as the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority (LVCVA) reports that a sweeping majority of visitors leave with more than a mere recount of their expenditures; they leave with satisfaction tightly packed in their suitcases.

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The latest findings in the 2023 Las Vegas Visitor Profile Study, unveiled with much anticipation, unwrap the health of Southern Nevada’s economy, pulsing strongly beneath the surface. The scholarly study, masterfully executed by Virginia’s own Heart+Mind Strategies, dissected multifaceted streams of data with a deft touch, delving into the myriad of choices that consumers weave through on their jaunts to the desert landscape.

The meticulously gathered insights of the study are a treasure trove for agencies like the LVCVA, and the casino resorts with which its fates are intimately intertwined. The 2023 survey found an astounding near nine out of ten (87%) visitors clasped the badge of being “very satisfied” with their visit, a substantial surge from the 77% who carried that satisfaction in the previous year. Additionally, 11% hovered in the realm of being “somewhat satisfied,” leaving a meager 2% in the shadows of dissatisfaction.

These statistics spring from the wells of in-person visitor interviews, which threaded through the year, blossoming across the Las Vegas terrain in casinos, hotels, and even at the bustling Harry Reid International Airport. Armed with clipboards and questions, pollsters engaged with visitors at the quintessential “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign and the vibrant tapestry of Fremont Street Downtown, capturing a panoramic view of the visitor experience.

Nearly half of Las Vegas’s guests admitted that their expectations were not just met, but substantially exceeded—a sentiment held by 48%, representing a 7% leap from the previous year. Downtown Las Vegas continued to charm and beckon travelers, with more than half—54%—yielding to its beckoning call, a slight dip from the previous year’s statistics but still a robust figure compared to the relatively modest 42% pre-pandemic in 2019.

The city noted a blossoming in the number of visitors returning to its embrace, reflecting an increase in international visitors stamping their passports with anticipation. It was evident that wallets were more generously opened in recent times as spending on both gaming and non-gaming indulgences saw a notable increase.

The average visitor found themselves parting with $570 on food and beverage, $414 on shopping excursions, a defined splurge of $238 on local transportation, and investing $177 on sightseeing adventures. However, spending on entertainment, such as concerts and shows, saw an uncharacteristic downturn, slipping from $310 to $278.

The casino floors, synonymous with Vegas itself, reaped the benefits of increased patronage. Seventy-nine percent of visitors threw their hats into the ring of gambling, a rise of 4%, with the average gambling budget blossoming to $787, an increase noticeable not only from the previous year’s $761 but also taking a leap from $591 back in 2019.

The demographics of the Las Vegas tourism crowd subtly shifted, aging like a fine wine to an average of nearly 44 years old, up from the previous record low of 40.7 in 2022. There was also a vibrant increase in diversity, with more visitors from Asian/Asian American and Black communities.

Despite the social media uproar surrounding the Strip’s reputation for relentlessly incremental costs on both room rates and resort fees, and despite the rising prices for products and services, the consensus from the LVCVA study revealed that these rate hikes have not soured the majority of visitors on Sin City’s charms.

An assurance came from the very voice of the LVCVA President and CEO Steve Hill, as he heralded the fact that the city boasts an extensive roster of 150,000 hotel rooms fit for every budget, during the board’s meeting this past Tuesday. The 2023 Visitor Profile divided the visitors into brackets based on their household incomes, with 27% arriving from homes earning between $100,000 to $149,999 annually, and 21% boasting incomes surpassing the $150K mark.

Tourists navigating the lower rungs of the financial ladder, comprised 16% reporting annual incomes between $60K to $80K, and 17% were armed with less than $60K to their names.

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