Las Vegas Parents Face Murder Charges: Abused Toddler Found Dead in Dumpster


The city of Las Vegas has been shaken by a vile and horrifying act of violence, the discovery of a dead two-year-old boy, named Jacoby Robinson Jr., in a city dumpster. His body bore the signs of brutal abuse, an act of cruelty that has resulted in his parents facing murder charges.

Young Jacoby was more than just a sad statistic in the city’s mortuary records; he was a little boy who had at one point in his life known happier times, but sadly, all that changed. The postmortem examination offered a grim picture of the harsh reality he had been subjected to. It uncovered significant trauma to his buttock, head, and torso, and also pointed to a brain bleed, all of which strongly indicated child abuse.

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Horrifically, the villains in this sad tale are the boy’s parents, Jacoby Robinson Sr, and Diaja Smith, both in their early twenties. Charged with the murder of their son, they have also been accused of child abuse. Awaiting trial at Clark County Detention Center since their arrest last Friday, they have been held without bail.

The grim chain of events unfolded when Smith reported her son “missing” to the local police, claiming he had disappeared at a park whilst her attention was momentarily diverted. Surveillance video, however, told a different story: the heartbreaking footage showed the boy’s immobile body in a stroller.

In an attempt to divert law enforcement’s attention, Smith was seen on the footage walking towards Lewis Avenue in Downtown Las Vegas, where she committed the unthinkable – she callously disposed of her son’s lifeless body in a dumpster. Painstakingly hiding evidence of her crime, she conjured up a web of lies and staged a misleading disappearance narrative – a chilling detail noted in the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department report.

Further investigation and subsequent interrogation revealed more macabre details. Robinson Sr. recounted a particular night when he woke from his slumber to the tormented screams of a child. According to him, Smith was responsible for beating the child. And although he claimed to have performed CPR on his severely injured son, he pleaded ignorance about his son’s whereabouts or the depressing truth of his death.

Robinson also admitted to police that Smith often handled discipline harshly, resorting to a belt or a charging cord, pushing the boundaries of conventional punishment.

In an even more appalling turn of events, yet another child – the brother of the deceased, was found suffering from a similar brain bleed and in critical condition in a local hospital. Smith attributed the injuries to a bicycle fall and vehemently denied allegations of child abuse.

The tragedy enveloped another life as well, as one of the other siblings was taken into custody by Nevada Child Protective Services (CPS). This wasn’t the first time Smith had a child removed from her care by CPS, casting a damning shadow on her parenting skills.

Despite having fathered multiple children with Smith, Robinson Sr. lived with her only part of the week, leaving his children under Smith’s precarious care.

In a shocking twist, it was revealed that Smith is currently pregnant.

The upheaval has left a deep void in the hearts of the family members. Jacoby’s great-aunt, LaSwanda Williams, in an emotional talk with a reporter, remembered him fondly, breaking hearts with her poignant words, “He was a lovable child. He didn’t deserve that. He was not trash. He was not a piece of paper you just pick up and throw in a dumpster.” An innocent life, robbed too soon, his memory serves as a grim reminder of the horrors that unfold behind closed doors.