Las Vegas Mourns Ten Entertainment Legends


The bright lights of Las Vegas dimmed this year as we bid farewell to an ensemble of stars whose brilliant performances and undeniable charm have become intertwined with the glitz and allure of this city. These ten individuals, connected to Las Vegas more profoundly than most, left a cultural footprint that will be felt for generations to come.

Magician Dirk Arthur, whose exotic feline partners enthralled audiences, brought “Wild Magic” to life in a celebrated debut in 1997 at Bally’s “Jubilee” stage. His visionary act would later grace the stages of Silverton, Plaza, Tropicana, O’Sheas, and the Riviera. Arthur’s “Dirk Arthur’s Wild Illusions” holds the distinction of being the last show of its kind on the Las Vegas Strip. The beloved magician passed away on October 13 at the age of 63.

The legendary Harry Belafonte, not just a singer but a symbol of civil rights, brought his melodies to the heart of Vegas. Yet, before the end of segregation, he faced the ignominy of being turned away from the very establishments he headlined. A familiar figure at the Moulin Rouge’s late-night jam sessions, Belafonte made history and cultural waves. His marriage to Julie Robinson at Caesars Palace in 1976 was a testament to the changing times. The cherished artist left us on April 23 at age 96.

Tony Bennett, a name synonymous with the golden era of music, serenaded Las Vegas crowds beginning in 1952. With a charm and voice as timeless as the song “I Left My Heart in San Francisco,” Bennett offered hundreds of performances, enchanting the generations of Las Vegas patrons before his final bow at the Venetian Theater in 2019. He departed this world on July 21 at the age of 96, leaving behind a legacy of unmatched musical mastery.

Doyle Brunson, revered as the godfather of poker, carved his kingdom in the midst of Las Vegas’ hallowed poker rooms. With 10 World Series of Poker bracelets to his name, including two Main Event championships, Brunson became a legend of the felt. Astoundingly, he also crafted a life beyond the tables with his wife Louise, calling Las Vegas home. The card maestro played his final hand on May 14 at the age of 89.

Jimmy Buffett, whose name evokes images of white sandy beaches and tropical escapades, turned a simple tune about margaritas into a thriving Margaritaville brand. The embodiment of this carefree empire, which took root in Las Vegas in 2003, passed on September 1 at the age of 76, leaving behind a trail of melodies and memories.

Comedian Pat Cooper, with his forceful presence, carved out a niche as the preferred opening act for the luminaries of the Las Vegas strip. Debuting alongside Bobby Darrin at the Flamingo in 1963, he later shared the spotlight with Frank Sinatra 56 times at the Sands. Cooper, the man behind the laughter, retired in Las Vegas and passed away on June 6 at the age of 93.

Lisa Marie Presley, the princess of the Las Vegas realm by virtue of her father, Elvis Presley, may have interacted with the city less than others on this list, but her association was royal. She spent countless days at the International Hotel and the Las Vegas Hilton, where Elvis reigned. Honoring her father’s legacy, she returned to Vegas many times before her passing on January 13 at the age of 54.

Suzanne Somers went from a dispute that ended her role in “Three’s Company” to taking center stage in Las Vegas. This multi-talented artist captivated audiences at the MGM Grand, the Riviera, and the Las Vegas Hilton. On October 15, just shy of her 77th birthday, we lost this versatile performer.

Tina Turner’s voice reverberated through the corridors of stardom from an abusive relationship with Ike Turner to international acclaim. Her powerful solo return to Caesars Palace in 1977 marked the beginning of a legendary career as a solo artist. Her passing on May 24 at age 83 was felt deeply across the music world, even more poignantly as it preceded the debut of “Tina — The Tina Turner Musical” at the Smith Center in Las Vegas by just weeks.

Raquel Welch, an emblem of the 1960s, brought glamour to Las Vegas through her successful nightclub act, captivating audiences in December 1972 at the Las Vegas Hilton. Welch, or Tejana as she was truly known, leaves us memories of her versatile performances following her passing on February 15 at the age of 82.

As these luminaries of Las Vegas take their final bow, their legacies remind us of the city’s transformative power on entertainment and culture. Their shining examples will continue to inspire a myriad of talents that flock to the desert oasis, seeking the same stardom and influence that etched our stars in history.

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