Las Vegas McCarran Airport to Soon Take a New Name


McCarran International Airport near Las Vegas Strip’s name could soon change to Harry Reid Airport, in honor of former US Sen. Harry Reid (D). The proposed name change was voted unanimously early this year by the Clark County Commission.

Commissioner Tick Segerblom says the change could happen by September this year. The airport is outside the Las Vegas city limit and is under the jurisdiction of the county commission.

The name change is estimated to cost $7.2 million. The money will cover signage replacement and making administrative changes.

Donors are to entirely fund the project. The Clark County commission stipulated that the name change should be covered by private funds. So far, $1 million has been donated and $3 million has been pledged.

McCarran spokesperson Joe Rajchel says that the replacement of signs can begin immediately after the $4.2 million is raised. No Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approval is needed. However, FAA must revise the master record before the name change.

Reid was born in Searchlight, south of Las Vegas, and became US Senate majority leader. He also served as the chairman of the Nevada Gaming Commission.

The name ‘McCarran’ was objected to by Nevada leaders for his appalling views. Pat McCarran served as a Nevada Democrat US Senate from 1932 to 1954. Although he was supportive of the US Air force. McCarran has been criticized for his racist and anti-Semitic views.


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