Las Vegas Hotel Workers to Strike Amid Formula 1 Races, Threatening Casino Operations


In a display of resolute unity, hotel workers in Las Vegas, all members of the Culinary Workers Union, have made clear their intent to strike. This call to action was announced amid unsuccessful negotiations of their recently expired contracts with multiple casino giants, including MGM Resorts International, Caesars Entertainment and Wynn Resorts. The strike, involving approximately 35,000 workers and set to commence on November 10th, could potentially disrupt the operations of over a dozen resorts.

This situation has created a palpable tension in the air as it threatens to coincide with the Strip’s much-anticipated inaugural Formula 1 races later this month, specifically the Las Vegas Grand Prix weekend set to begin on November 15th. This widely publicized event is slated to bring significant footfall to the Strip.

For Nevada’s largest labor union, this planned action is unprecedented in decades and could serve as a climax amidst high-profile labor unrest situations occurring on a national level. The Culinary Worker’s Union delivered a clear message with their deadline, after a series of unsuccessful negotiations with the three casino companies that collectively own and operate some of Las Vegas’ Strip’s most iconic hotel-casinos. The topics of dispute reportedly revolve around pay, working conditions, and job security.

As a sign of unity, the union members, ranging from bartenders and cocktail servers to kitchen staff and housekeepers, have been vocal about their demand for increased job security in the face of evolving technology, as well as for improved safety measures.

The union has been patient, organizing large-scale rallies on the Strip to pressure the casino companies. As Leslie Lilla, a veteran Bellagio cocktail waitress and a member of the union, pointedly stated, “This is our time. This is the labour movement’s time . . . Unions create that middle class.”

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