Las Vegas Flights Leading with the Highest Number of Unruly Behaviors among Passengers


McCarran International Airport is trying to crackdown unruly behaviors among passengers including, taking alcohol onto airplanes and refusing to comply with mask mandate. According to Federal Aviation Association (FAA), Las Vegas flights lead the nation with the highest unruly incidents.

McCarran Airport spokesman Chris Jones says that the officials are trying to reinforce policy about taking alcohol on board. Passengers are not permitted to carry alcohol into planes, plus they can be denied boarding if they refuse to comply.

In 2021, FAA fines $1 million for all improper conduct national wide. According to a recent report, 11 percent of the cases were connected to Las Vegas flights.

The first incident involved two men on a Frontier Airlines flight from Las Vegas to Denver on 2nd December. The two passengers drank alcohol not served by the airline despite being warned it was illegal. Each of the men was handed a $15, 000 fine.

The second incident involved three women on a Frontier flight from San Diego to Las Vegas on 29th January. The three women refused to comply with the mask mandate and also drank alcohol. According to the FAA website, each was handed a $13, 000 fine.

The third incident occurred on 2nd February on a Southwest Airlines flight from Oakland to Las Vegas. The passenger is alleged to have interfered with the flight crew regarding instructions to turn off her phone during takeoff. The passenger was handed a $13, 000 fine, according to the FAA website.

Meanwhile, McCarran International Airport is experiencing an uptick in the number of passengers arriving and departing. By July this year, 4.15 million travelers made their way through the airport. The figures are slightly below the 4.5 million passengers who used the Airport in July 2019.


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