Las Vegas Dazzles in OpenTable’s Top 100 Restaurants List


In a prestigious annual accolade, OpenTable unveiled its list of the Top 100 Restaurants in the United States, and the glitzy city of Las Vegas emerged as a culinary stronghold, gracing the selection with six exceptional dining venues. The shimmering spotlight shone particularly bright on the illustrious Caesars Palace, which claimed not one, but three coveted spots on this exclusive roster.

California and Florida may have edged out the list with fourteen and seven restaurants respectively, but Nevada held its own with a significant presence. An acknowledgment of gastronomic excellence, New York, Illinois, and Ohio also featured six restaurants each on the list.

The exact standings remain shrouded in the mystery of gastronomy – OpenTable refrained from ranking the elite 100, leaving the imagination to savor the potential hierarchy of these esteemed establishments. The honored Las Vegas restaurants, presented alphabetically, covered a range of palate-pleasing cuisines: the panoramic Eiffel Tower offered French flair; Golden Steer served up classic steakhouse traditions; Gordon Ramsay’s Hell’s Kitchen provided fiery culinary theatrics; Joe’s Seafood, Prime Steak & Stone Crab fused the best offerings of land and sea; Partage allowed for a contemporary French dining experience; and Restaurant Guy Savoy presented French cuisine par excellence.

Assembled through an intense selection process, OpenTable’s collection of dining gems was curated from over 12 million diner reviews paired with meticulous dining metrics, presenting an authoritative gourmand’s guide to America’s top tables.

In related dining news, gourmets and food aficionados can look forward to unique culinary experiences making their way to Las Vegas. Red Rock Casino Resort is set to introduce a rebranded Federal Donuts & Chicken, building on the legacy of the Philadelphia favorite. Additionally, Curry Pizza House will be spicing up Las Vegas’s food scene with their signature Indian-flavored pizzas, offering the first two hundred visitors at their new location by UNLV a taste of their fusion delights on the house.

Shifting from dainty dining rooms towards darker deeds, a former restaurant manager at SkinnyFATS faced legal ramifications as allegations of embezzling a hefty sum surfaced.

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