Las Vegas Casino Vending Machine Mystery Unveiled as PSA Trading Card Trial Run


The mystery shrouding a unique vending machine in downtown Las Vegas has recently been laid bare. The largest trading card grader, Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA), became the refreshingly clear voice amid growing uncertainty. An unordinary device was creating murmurs, located in the Plaza Hotel & Casino. Drenched in the significant PSA branding, this contraption was causing a hullabaloo amongst surprised customers.

Contrary to the implied visual suggestion that the machine belonged to PSA, it was revealed that it isn’t under PSA’s control. This surprising fact led to the emergence of misconceptions regarding PSA’s involvement with the Plaza’s vending machine. The recent discourse from PSA has articulated, “this third party’s test run of their machine has unfortunately generated confusion regarding PSA’s involvement.” It added on to say that they are in active talks with the vendor to modify the overall aesthetic of the vending machines, to lessen PSA branding, thus conveying clearly that PSA doesn’t own or operate these machines.

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It turns out that this vending machine and its look-alikes were the offspring of licensed dealers operating under PSA’s aegis. Tucked away in the recess of the casino near the sportsbook, the machine has its existence.

The choice of a casino as the location for a trading card vending machine has its own rationale. The patrons are essentially speculating, akin to the very activity that casinos radiate. The unique machine planted in the Plaza demanded a minimum bet of $50, promising a graceful compensation – a “PSA 10”, the highest grading achievable by the company, a Pokemon or sports card, and a batch of other non-graded cards in return.

Trading cards are notorious for their fluctuating valuations. Therefore, it’s conceivable that the luck-struck speculators may turn out to be prosperous or downbeat on their maiden $50 plunge. This price movement proves to be a characteristic behavior of trading cards, suggesting that the punters may witness potential gain or loss over varying timescales.

When it comes to the Plaza’s vending machine, a smattering of buyers have claimed nominal successes. They’ve reportedly bagged PSA 10 graded Pokemon cards worth between $35-$45. Just a fortnight ago, one Redditor bragged about snatching two Pokemon cards from this interesting machine, valued at $50 each, effectively doubling his investment.

The vendor in question, Cannon Rock LLC, has been identified as the mastermind behind the vending machines at Plaza. While PSA continues its endeavor to resolve the misleading branding issues, reports suggest that it still maintains its professional relationship with Cannon Rock. Renowned for its expertise in automated retail solutions for the collectibles industry, Cannon Rock enjoys symbiotic relationships with high-end corporate entities including Nintendo, Pokemon, and DMVI.

Founded only a year ago, Cannon Rock has rapidly expanded its global presence, with footprints in Denmark, Japan, Canada, and Germany, and across various states in the U.S. According to Pokemon Center, authorized Pokemon vending machines dot seven states, with Nevada unfortunately not making the cut.