Las Vegas Casino Giants Face Rising Cyber Ransom Crisis


Caesars Entertainment, one of the biggest casino operators in Las Vegas, has recently confessed to paying a portion of the staggering ransom demanded by cyber attackers. It is yet unclear if MGM Resorts International, the other casino juggernaut, resorted to a similar action following a breach of its systems on September 10.

An insidious form of organized crime seems to have commandeered control of the Las Vegas Strip anew, as revealed by a revered expert in cybersecurity. Questions now arise on the appropriate response to such ransomware attacks.

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In a conversation with Lisa Plaggemier of the National Cyber Security Alliance, it became evident that the stark consequences faced by MGM—approximately $8.4 million per day—could be reflective of its refusal to pay up. This bleak situation prompts a disconcerting consideration; which is the better course of action in the wake of cybercrime? To pay or not?

As Lisa Plaggemier elucidated, succumbing to ransom demands is far from the ideal strategy. This begets only more criminal intent, encouraging cybercriminals to persist in their destructive pursuits for as long as they bring forth profit. The most effective countermeasure, she advised, is to mentally and technically arm oneself in anticipation of an attack, accomplishing this through various means such as drills, consultative preparations, and strategic response planning.

There is also the matter of an alleged communique by the hackers, blaming MGM for the majority of its troubles due to a premature shutdown of its systems. As Plaggemier questions the credibility of this claim, she also spotlights inherent failings in the MGM network, suggesting it was likely unsegmented.

Corporations should think proactively about their cybersecurity and while mitigative measures like $200 million cyber insurances have been reported, they don’t offer a comprehensive resolution. It is unwise to sit back and rely on such resources as a means to deter cybercrime.

With no guarantee of ransom transactions restoring data, especially when the dark web may already have it auctioned, compliance is hardly the smart move. Traversing technical difficulties and choosing to trust criminals poses a risk no company should willingly undertake.

Cyberattacks appear to have shifted power dynamics in Vegas, thereby placing unauthorized individuals back in command and casting corporations in a challenged light. As the debate continues, there is a fresh wave of organized crime rolling over the city, and it’s anyone’s guess what the future holds.

Here at West Island Blog, we’re aware that this resurgence of cybercrime is a serious issue. However, it highlights the growing importance of online security and responsible practices, which are factors we believe should be given paramount attention when choosing the top online casinos in Canada. We pride ourselves on providing the most reliable, secure, and entertaining online gaming experience for our readers, irrespective of what’s happening in the physical world of casinos. Stay safe, and game responsibly.