Las Vegas Animal Heroes Rescue Abandoned Puppies from Deadly Heat


In a notable act of heroism, officers from the Animal Protection Services in Las Vegas saved the lives of four innocent puppies this week, discovered abandoned in a bucket on a busy sidewalk.

The quartet of four-month-old siblings, who were christened Aramis, Constance, Athos, and Milady by the compassionate staff of the Animal Foundation, had been left mercilessly under the scorching Las Vegas sun. Unable to fend for themselves, the puppies were no match against the grueling heat and the perils of urban life.

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Once alerted to the heartbreaking discovery, officers swiftly carried the vulnerable canines to the haven of the Animal Foundation. As part of its tread toward betterment for the abandoned siblings, the Foundation, on Thursday, released an update that the puppies are showing an uplifting response to the emergency treatment for severe mange they have been subjected to.

The insidious cause behind their noticeable discomfort was determined to be a pervasive skin condition. Manifestations of it, such as bleeding skin, open sores, and hair loss, pointed towards tiny mites infesting their tender fur. The Animal Foundation, touching on their dire condition, stated that the path towards complete healing would consist of several weeks of medicated baths and a course of antibiotics before they are deemed fit enough to bring joy into new homes through adoption.

Named after the famed Musketeers, Aramis, Constance, Athos, and Milady, were found bereft of any tags or microchips, suggesting intentional abandonment outside in the searing heat.

The Animal Foundation, in addressing the rescue on an Instagram post, acknowledged the collective effort required to further such causes. “As animal lovers, you know that saving lives is a community effort, and we can’t do it alone.” the foundation candidly stated.

Operating as a life-line for these puppies, a heartfelt plea was put forth by the Foundation, encouraging anyone with a home and a heart large enough to foster one of these puppies to take action. The Foundation specifically urged those interested to contact them through their email:, along with mentioning the litter number A1322258.

Through this move, the Foundation hopes to secure a safe and nurturing environment for Aramis, Constance, Athos, and Milady – turning their heartbreaking tale of desolation into one of hope and newfound love.