Landslide Swallows Section of Tiniroto Road, Commuters Advised to Divert


An unsettling visual has surfaced today, portraying a portion of a road in Gisborne consumed by an evening landslide. The Gisborne District Council shared the footage, which illustrates fragments of what was previously Tiniroto Rd, now strewn across a field, interspersed with rubble and detritus from the landslide.

This geological event occurred precisely 20 kilometers from the SH2 roundabout, as stated by the Council. Interestingly, this location has a history of such incidents, being the same spot struck by a landslide resulting from Cyclone Bola, which went on to form Lake French.

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A subsequent statement released by police authorities indicates that a stretch of Tiniroto Rd, between Rockhill Rd and Parikanapa Rd, is now untraversable. As such, cautionary signs are being erected to warn passerby of the impending danger.

The spokesperson implored those commuting between Wairoa and Gisborne to use State Highway 2 as an alternative route. The good news is that the landslide has not left anyone stranded and a geotechnical risk assessment is due the following morning to evaluate any further threats.

The spectacle of the landslide generated a wave of amazement and concern on social networking platforms. One Facebook user, who had reportedly driven down the ill-fated road, a mere 20 minutes prior to the incident, expressed her shock, writing, “The scary thing is there was NOTHING to show the road was gonna go. No slumping, nothing!”