Landslide Devastates Tiniroto Rd, Leaving Gisborne Commuters Shocked


A breathtaking footage has unveiled the aftermath of a landslide this evening, which left a significant portion of a road in Gisborne completely destroyed. The striking video reveals chunks of what was once Tiniroto Rd, scattered in a paddock, alongside a smorgasbord of rubble and debris resultant of the destructive slip.

The Gisborne District Council identified the point of devastation to be roughly 20km from the SH2 roundabout. Coincidentally, this site overlaps with the locale of a landslide induced by Cyclone Bola, which historically resulted in the creation of what is presently known as Lake French.

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A police spokesperson, while detailing the calamity in a statement, declared that the fragmented stretch of the road between Rockhill Rd and Parikanapa Rd is impossible to traverse, with signage set to caution and guide the commuting public. He advised, “ individuals requiring to journey between Wairoa and Gisborne are suggested to utilize State Highway 2.”

Consequently, no one has been marooned due to the landslide and plans are in motion to execute a geotech risk assessment in the morning. The visual display of the slip on Facebook drew stupefied reactions with one user even confessing to have driven on the same road merely 20 minutes prior.

Highlighting the suddenness and unpredictability of the incident she passionately wrote, “The terrifying part is that there was absolutely NOTHING to indicate the impending collapse of the road. No sagging, absolutely nothing!” It’s a stark reminder of how the forces of nature can drastically alter the landscape in an instant.