Lamborghini Kirkland kicks off Sinai Rally


by Rhonda Massad

Lamborghini Kirkland kicks off Sinai Rally

by Rhonda Massad

Lamborghini in Kirkland opened it’s doors on May 21, to host a cocktail party in amongst the luxury vehicles.  The crowded showroom enjoyed food stations from Maiko Sushi, Juke Box and Towne Hall.

“Today is only a sample of what the actually rally day will be like  on August 16,” Sinai Rally co-chairman David Druker told the crowd, “I guarantee you will walk away having a great time on rally day. It is all about friendship, having fun and raising money for a great cause.”

More than 60 teams competed last year to win in the Mount Sinai rally. Funds raised will
support the Mount Sinai Hospital Foundation (MSHF).

The car rally is like a scavenger hunt in a car.  The teams will attempt to gather points by fulfilling challenges along the way. Each team is given a navigation guide which contains a route to decode and questions to answer in order to collect points. The driving team that gets the most correct answers is the team that wins the rally.

The rally is a signature event for MSHF that was founded in 1973 to support the patients and  families of the 107 bed hospital devoted to palliative care
, pulmonary rehabilitation and long-term care. Funds from the rally are raised for the respiratory care programs and services. Mount Sinai is the only hospital in Montreal that offers an in-patient pulmonary rehabilitation program and also has an out-patient pulmonary rehabilitation program to serve the people from Montreal.
  At the hospital they are rehabilitated and learn about their illness so they can have an improved quality of life and reduced hospital visits most notably emergency room visits.

According to respirologist Dr. Nat
halie Saad, who specializes in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD), testifies that the foundation’s support allows the hospital to continue to give a high standard of patient care. Our out-patient pulmonary rehabilitation program has grown significantly from 156 new patients in 2010 to 204 new patients in 2014 and our visits have grown 40%. 

“Pulmonary rehabilitation is one of the ways we can train patients to self manage and try to improve their quality of life.” Saad told The Suburban in an interview. “Mount Sinai is very special because it is the only in patient pulmonary rehabilitation program in the province.  We accept patients from all over Quebec. There are 20 beds very specific to rehabilitation.”

More information on the rally and the foundation can be found at .



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