In a spectacular display of talent and sportsmanship over the entire season, the Lakeshore FU-11 Division 1 wrapped up a season of incredible wins. The team took home the 2019 Granby Championship this past weekend.

The entire team worked hard to collect funds bagging at Provigo Le Marche Kirkland to help with costs. The team is led by a dedicated coaching staff, Sarah Moffat, Johanne Hudon-Armstrong & Giancarlo Enrique Picone.

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The Lakeshore Soccer FU-11 D1 ends the summer season UNDEFEATED 16-0. While some team members suffered injuries this season that did not stop them from bringing it all home. This team clearly demonstrates the skills of, comrade, dedication, determination and pure joy displayed by these young players with the support of their parents.

During a recent interview with the West Island Blog, team members were quoted thanking their parents for all their support in their efforts.

Lakeshore Soccer Team Players of the 2019 Season are as follows:
Amarra McFarlane #3, Cara Maeve Taguchi #5, Deandra Teodori #7, Emily Philipp #13, Huda Addasi #9, Ina Patten #6, Kelley-Anne Filion #10, Leila Douglas #16, Maria Del Tedesco #15, Mia Armstrong #8, Mikaela Aitken #2, Naomi Nadeau #11, Olivia Machan #14, Savreen Dhillon #4.

Coaches: Sarah Moffat, Johanne Hudon-Armstrong, Giancarlo Picone


About the Club

The Lakeshore Soccer Club‘s primary focus is to provide a total, well-rounded and positive soccer experience for the player, coach, referee, and parent.

For players, the emphasis will be on the development of each and every player so that their experience with the Lakeshore Soccer Club will encourage them to continue their participation in soccer with renewed enthusiasm and a sense of accomplishment.

For coaches and referees, the club will emphasize continual training and ensure that they impart the philosophy of the club on all our members.

The Lakeshore Soccer Club is a place to learn and enjoy the game of soccer!