Lakeshore General Hospital Receives New Wheelchairs


By Daniele Iannarone

Thanks to the incredible generosity of donors throughout the West Island, Pointe-Claire’s Lakeshore General Hospital has just received brand-new wheelchairs to be put to immediate use.

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Twenty-five new wheelchairs were recently obtained by the hospital, which helps them keep up with demand, seeing as the hospital plays host to around 70,000 patients every year.  Heather Holmes, the Executive Director of the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation, says wheelchairs are used in many departments, such as obstetrics, geriatrics and even the emergency room.  She estimates that upwards of 20,000 patients use the wheelchairs each year and says that some patients don’t necessarily suffer from mobility impairment, but the wheelchairs help facilitate the smooth movement of a patient in distress.

“We needed to revamp the wheelchair supply,” said Holmes.  “We needed a new fleet of fully functional wheelchairs,”  Holmes added that the hospital wasn’t short on wheelchairs, but it’s the type of equipment that has a high turnover rate, seeing as they’re used on a daily basis.  Over time, the wheelchairs get used and worn, and new ones are often needed.

The hospital was able to purchase these new wheelchairs thanks to the kind generosity of their many donors.  The Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation hosts several fundraisers every year in order to raise enough money to purchase the equipment necessary to keep the hospital functioning at a high capacity.

“The foundation’s mission is to acquire funds in order to support our projects,” says Holmes.  She says that the next few pieces of equipment they wish to purchase for the hospital include: a mobile ultrasound diagnostic unit, a vital-signs monitor for the MRI machine and an advanced detector for CT scans.  The three items together come at a $500,000 price tag.

Holmes, however, remains confident in a community that always comes through.  “The good news is that we have a lot of good donors,” she says.

The Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation is always trying to attract new donors, seeing as many of the community’s donors are ageing and that people are constantly moving in and out of the area.  If you would like to donate or attend one of their fundraisers, you can find all relevant information at