Since the beginning of the pandemic, the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation has focused its efforts on supporting medical teams in their fight against COVID-19. To protect you and those around you, they are doing their best to keep the hospital equipped and ready. Given that this pandemic has greatly impacted all of their fundraising initiatives, their ability to respond is compromised. To address this issue, the Board of Directors has made a collective commitment to match every donation until May 1, up to a maximum of $20,000. We urge the community to take advantage of this offer and double their impact by making an online donation today, at

The needs are critical and constantly evolving. More than ever, the LGHF is appealing to the generosity of the community to support its medical teams who are facing an unprecedented situation. That’s why between April 20, and May 1, the Board of Directors is matching every dollar donated. For example, if you donate $10, the Foundation will match your $10 donation for a total of $20! Every contribution is important, no amount is too small.

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The funds raised during the COVID-19 Response Campaign will go towards to purchase of extra personal protection equipment (PPE) such as protective hoods for intubation, protective eyewear and thousands of washable gowns. As well, to avoid unnecessary circulation within the hospital and ensure faster medical imaging analysis, doctors are in need of iPad tablets. The situation is evolving hourly, and we need to adapt fast to our changing reality.

“This time of year is usually a flurry of activity between fundraising events and mailings to our donors. Due to the pandemic, it is impossible for us to carry on with our regular activities, and therefore we are faced with a significant financial shortfall, explains Heather Holmes, Managing Director of the Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation. “While looking for solutions, the generous individuals who sit on our Board of Directors really took the matter to heart and rallied to match donations. I am both very touched and proud that our Board members lead by example, and understand how important it is to equip our hospital for us all.” Adds Mrs. Holmes

The time is now to help provide critical emergency care. The medical teams who work at the Lakeshore General Hospital have always been there for us and now it’s our turn to be there for them. Together, ça va bien aller!