LGHF Nears Annual Fundraiser Goal


The Lakeshore General Hospital Foundation (LGHF) is proud to announce that after the first year of its 2016-2017 Life can change in an instant capital Campaign, it has raised $7.1 million, or 89% of its $ 8 million goal, thanks to the generosity of many donors. This Capital Campaign’s objective is to expand, modernize and improve infrastructures and equipment in three priority areas, including the Cardiac and Intensive Care Units as well as the Mental Health and Geriatric Units of the Lakeshore General Hospital (LGH).

“Over and above our Annual Campaign, which aims to raise the funds to meet the timely and functional needs of the LGH, we have embarked on a major two-year Capital Campaign to provide our community with state-of-the-art human and compassionate care, which we are so fortunate to provide, close to home, at the LGH, ” says Heather Holmes, Managing Director of the LGHF.” The population served by the LGH has increased five-fold since it opened in 1960, going from 60,000 to close to 300,000. Our community is aging and the LGH is now dealing with increasingly complex medical and psychosocial conditions. We want to ensure that the care being given at our hospital meets the highest standards, when our loved ones, our friends, and our community need it the most,” adds Heather Holmes.

The three priority sectors

Develop and integrate the Cardiac and Intensive Care Units:
Phase 1: Includes the addition of four new specialized Intensive Care rooms, for a total of 15rooms increasing the admission capacity to an additional 270 patients per year;
Phase 2: Includes the overhaul of the 11 existing ICU rooms, the reconfiguration, and integration of the 8 Cardiology beds and the concentration of vital care expertise into one multifunctional efficient location.

Relocation and Reconfiguration of the Mental Health Unit:
Move the unit into a wider and brighter setting, while increasing the number of single occupancy rooms, reducing overcrowding and providing patients with greater privacy, dedicated spaces and creating a therapeutic environment conducive to rehabilitation and social reintegration of patients.

Improve and expand the Geriatric Care Unit:
Provide best practice care through a holistic approach, including specialized furniture, single rooms, isolation rooms to contain infections, bathrooms with wheelchair and specialized equipment access, improved common areas and therapeutic socialization zones to help our seniors return home as quickly as possible.

The Major Donors (over $25K)
40 West Steakhouse & Bar
Cedar Park Heights Men’s Softball League
City of Dollard-des-Ormeaux
Eric T. Webster Foundation
Estate – Hélène Cooper
Estate – Marguerite Deschamps
Hydro Québec
Lakeshore General Hospital Auxiliary
Lakeshore Light Opera
Trottier Family Foundation
West Island Muslim Community
3 Donors who wish to remain anonymous

About the LGHF
Founded in 1964, the Foundation’s mandate is to collect the necessary funds to improve patient care at the Lakeshore General Hospital. In this way, it contributes to the purchase of state-of-the-art equipment, major structural renovations, and assists in supporting programs and specialized training for the professional staff, providing funding to initiatives not supported by the government.


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