Lakefield Couple Wins $70 Million Lottery, Plans Charity Donations


Once a modest couple residing on the serene shores of Lakefield, Doug and Enid Hannon’s life transformed overnight into an incredible fairytale, their dreams morphing into surreal reality, as they claimed their colossal lottery prize of $70 million on April 22, 2024.

Cast your mind back to February 20, when ripples of excitement were making their way across Kawartha Lakes. The reason? A $70 million Lotto Max ticket, sold right in their midst, had yet to have a named winner. But, as whispers of anticipation swirled, the Ontario Lottery and Gaming Corporation (OLG) put all the speculation to rest, unveiling Doug and Enid Hannon as the fortunate victors of this mighty jackpot.

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The plot thickens. Their multi-million-dollar secret was a well-kept mystery, known only to them for a good two months. Their reason? The couple took upon themselves to gain sound financial and legal advice before sharing their newfound wealth with their kin.

Despite being the lucky one to secure the winning ticket from Kinmount Independent Grocer en route to their ‘camp,’ it was Doug who first discovered the magnitude of their win. But not instantly. The feeble ‘Big Winner’ message on his phone screen took time to assimilate, time to process. The digits, those multiple zeros, each an embodiment of their new fortune, required repeated checks for Doug to truly grasp the grandeur of the news.

The retired lottery winner, ablaze with this much-awaited news, still decided to remain tight-lipped until his beloved wife returned from work. In the meantime, he swathed himself in solitary activities in the garage, trying to grapple with the disbelief looming over him and contemplating their approaching future.

Eager to break the news in a rather more discreet manner, Doug seized the perfect opportunity during supper. Post dinner, he introduced Enid to the shattering truth disguised in the inconspicuous OLG website. When the news finally sunk in, marking its huge impact with a gasp, the couple couldn’t hold back their emotions, tears of joy painting a beautiful picture of their victory.

A mad concoction of excitement, relief, and sheer disbelief shook the couple as they set on figuring out the extent of their possibilities. The joy of securing such a vast amount was quickly succeeded by the satisfaction of helping family and others in need. To fulfill this, they decided to keep the windfall a secret from their children and grandchildren until they had solid financial advice and a plan of action.

The Hannon couple finally lifted the veil off their enigmatic tale about a week before collecting their coveted prize, revealing the staggering news to their astounded children and grandchildren. Their priority was plain and clear, clear as the skies above Lakefield – to ensure the safety, security, and comfort of their kin. But their kindness didn’t end there. They also set aside a share for various community causes close to their heart.

The concluding juncture of the grand winner celebration witnessed yet another heartwarming event. The Hannon duo let the cat out of the bag to their extended family members, breaking the news of their incredible win, followed by an enticing promise of a collective family trip.

For Doug and Enid Hannon, this hasn’t just been about winning a lottery, but a blessing, a divine chance that has united them in their joy. They didn’t just win a jackpot, they won an opportunity to help others, to realize dreams, to show that, sometimes, fairytales do happen in the real world.