Lakefield Couple Strikes $70 Million Lotto Max Jackpot Secretly


Nestled away in the picturesque town of Lakefield, an electrifying secret unraveled over the course of nearly two months. Doug and Enid Hannon, a beloved couple married for 51 years, found themselves keeping an astonishing secret from their entire family. They were stepping into a life-altering role as Ontario’s newest multi-millionaires, all thanks to a triumphant $70 million Lotto Max jackpot win.

It all began on the 20th of February. Celebrating the win in a jubilant event close to their hometown, the couple narrated the captivating tale of finding they held the golden ticket. Not only did they reveal the journey towards riches, but they also shared how they managed to tuck away such life-changing news for such an extended period.

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Enid, always one for routine, picked up the Quick Pick Lotto Max ticket at a neighborhood grocery store en route to their beloved family camp. Little did she know her ordinary errand would be the pivot point in their lives. Unbeknownst to her, her spouse Doug revealed the big win when he ran the ticket through the OLG App the day following the draw.

“I hadn’t even an inkling that a winning ticket had been procured in our vicinity. So, the sight of ‘Big Winner’ on my phone left me trembling,” Doug confided. A retiree for a few years now, he decided to let his wife wind up her workday before dropping the bombshell.

Grasping at the reality of their newfound status, Doug buried himself in some garage work as he waited for his wife’s return. Once they had finished a well-cooked meal, Doug guided Enid towards the surprising revelation, now looming in their computer room on the OLG website.

When Enid first scanned the numbers on the winning ticket, she mistook their prize for a more modest $70,000 win. A second count, nudged on by Doug, confirmed their opulent $70 million win, leaving her looking at the mountain of zeroes in disbelief. The exhilarating reality then fell into place, and a floodgate of emotions opened.

“This turned on a tide of tears and joy,” Enid admitted. “We finally understood the incredible opportunity gifted to us to help our dear ones and many others.”

The couple decided to hold back on revealing the multi-million dollar win to their grown children and grandchildren, craving solitude to process the event. They engaged legal and financial consultants and carefully started to draft their future with the substantial windfall.

For the ever-effusive Enid, hiding this turn in their destiny felt nearly impossible. “The secret was nearly choking me,” she admitted. Yet, they withheld the news until a week before their official winner’s celebration.

Not sparing any suspense, they finally let their children and grandchildren in on their stroke of fortune. The news was received with astonishing disbelief and resounding joy.

The celebrations were punctuated by the couple sharing glimpses of their plans for the money. A veritable outdoorsman, Doug wishes to traverse from coast to coast across Canada, indulging in the beauty of nature. Meanwhile, Enid, on the brink of retirement, eagerly anticipates long-dreamed-of renovations to their home.

Unified in their decisions, the couple prioritizes their family above all else. The winnings will ensure safety, security, and comfort for their loved ones and extend to community causes that are dear to their hearts. Following the winners’ celebration, the Hannons invited their extended family and disclosed their windfall of $70 million, brewing excitement for a big family trip to commemorate their good luck.

Unfazed by their monumental win, they stay grounded. “This is a blessing for all our family,” Doug and Enid insisted, “Everyone dreams of hitting the jackpot; we are no different. However, never in our wildest dreams did we picture this as our reality. We are incredibly grateful.”