Lacking Details On Quebec’s Immunization Passport Causes Widespread Uncertainty For Persons From Neighboring Provinces


Quebec may have said when and the reason it plans to launch an immunization passport, however, a lot of questions abound as to how it will effect this measure in September.

During Tuesday afternoon’s press briefing, Christian Dube, health minister, stated the province will run the immunization passport requirement in the first day of September as a way of curbing the spread of COVID-19 and prevent another lockdown. Health authorities say a fourth wave is imminent.

About 4.7m Quebecers have installed the QR code, which will be used to access places such as restaurants, festivals and bars.

However, it is not clear whether people who resident outside of the province will have access to these establishments once fully immunized but don’t have a Quebec QR code.

The health ministry said they are working on the details and will run tests on the passport in two phases in the coming weeks.

Uncertainty around the passport rules has caused many, such as Kirk Jong, to re-schedule their planned visit to the province.

Details on where people can get the application will be communicated around the 23rd of August. Until then, Quebec will be running tests at the La Cage Brasserie Sportive, Econofitness and few other businesses.


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