Lack of Enough Dealers Forcing Encore Boston Harbor to Pause Live Poker


Massachusetts’ Encore Harbor lacks enough dealers for its casino table games. New England gambling trends experts believe that the current situation may force Encore to raise salaries for its dealers.

Rev. Richard McGowan, a fiancé professor at Boston College, believes that raising salaries for dealers and other employees will bring more dealers. Dealers’ salaries are low, and most of the time- they are dependent on tips.

“So, unless the tables are full with patrons, the dealers might be better off to wait to see if the patrons are willing to return to the tables.”

Encore Boston Harbor’s senior vice president and general counsel Jacqui Krum on Thursday revealed that the casino had no had enough dealers and other workers. Lack of enough dealers forced MGM and Encore Boston Harbor to pause live pokers.

Krum argued that if Encore Boston Harbor provides live poker, the casino might be forced to eliminate other games.

“Because of this labor crunch, reopening poker right now would necessitate the closure of other table games. We simply don’t have the staff available to do both.”

Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) direct an investigation to determine why Encore lack poker games after the public complaints. MGC Chairlady Cathy Judd-Stein said that the commission would abstain from issuing a poker resumption order at the gaming properties and work to monitor the situation.


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