It has recently been announced that the Lachine Marina will be transformed into a massive waterfront park that will be accessible to residents and the general public. However, many long time boat owners and members of the Port de Plaisance Lachine Marina have engaged in strong opposition to this project.

Following the floods in 2017 and 2019, the Marina has been having infrastructure problems that would need to be majorly renovated. These renovations would cost around 17$ million. Instead, this new project is said to be 25$ million, and would thus transform the entire area to be used by everybody. This project is expected to begin renovations this coming fall, and be available to the public by 2025.

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“Transformation of the Lachine Marina represents a concrete gesture in terms of ecological transition and the fight against climate change, for the pleasure and well-being of the population and future generations.” Noted Mayor Valérie Plante.

That being said, for many long time boat owners and members of the marina, this means they will have to relocate their boats docking space and find somewhere else to go. They claim that they were never consulted nor received any prior notice regarding this transformation project.

“There’s more demand for docking space than there is space available,” stated Josée Côté, a representative for the
Association des plaisanciers du Port de Plaisance de Lachine.

“There is a waiting list of 2800 places with Nautisme Québec, so we don’t yet know where we’re supposed to keep our boats.”

The Lachine Marina has fostered a community amongst boaters and residents alike for decades.

“As I grow older and more alone as a grandfather, I cherish the occasion to go to the marina in which my children, grandchildren, and friends come to visit me and benefit from this remarkable historic site.” a Lachine Marina member claims.

Josée Côté calls on Valerie Plante’s council to further a discussion regarding the future of the Lachine Marina.

“I’d like to engage a conversation with the authorities so that they can see the value in our activities, and hopefully, instead of completely shutting down the marina, we can work to consolidate the projects.”

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