Labour Day Heatwave Revives Manitoba Beachside Businesses Following Lackluster Season


Labour Day’s torrid weekend wave provided a much-needed lifeline to Manitoba’s beachside businesses, who were wrapping up a rather disappointing end-of-season stretch. The initial weekend of September, which essentially indicates summer’s finale for the Manitoban tourism industry, ushered in a surge of business for one particular boardwalk entrepreneur thanks to the upturn in temperature, following a peculiarly chilly August.

Lori Rotchik’s beachwear boutique, Ke Lindo, had experienced a relative lull due to the inclement weather conditions through August, allowing a rather subdued atmosphere to descend on the getaway hotspot. “The scarcity of people is quite noticeable,” Rotchik explained from her storefront, taking note of the thinly spread beachgoers and the multitude of empty parking spaces. “The chill of the wind has dissipated the crowds.”

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However, the weekend’s high temperatures offered a refreshing and profitable change, amplifying business activity that had slowed during the cooler August. The heat warning issued across Saturday and Sunday beckoned beach lovers to the shoreline in droves. “We couldn’t have asked for a superior long weekend in September. The weather behaved impeccably,” expounded a rather pleased Rotchik. “September seems to have commenced on a promising note.”

Conversely, Dale Boss, who along with her spouse Terry Neplyk runs the popular tourist stopover Juan More Thing on Grand Beach Road, reported that the lower temperatures in August had generated remarkable business for them. Boss explained, “The more the mercury drops, the busier I am. Being located indoors has its advantages – unfavorable beach weather leads people to opt for shopping.”

Neplyk, a significant contributor to the Eastern Beaches Development Corporation, has a vision of transforming the Grand Beach outlets into international touristic attractions. According to Neplyk, “The beach is a destination. Once you’ve been here, you understand what draws people to it.” He also outlined the urgent need for enhancement of community services, expressing that their location, St. Clements, has been somewhat overlooked recently.

However, an aging business community has motivated local beach communities to seek fresh, young talent to instigate new business opportunities. Neplyk disclosed, “With our association working to establish relationships and assisting with community futures, we are aiming at securing loans for new business ventures.” He added, “Yet, being operational for merely 100 days annually remains a challenge.”

As the curtains draw on the 100-day business period with the conclusion of the Labour Day weekend, and businesses shift to autumnal schedules, beach vacationers are ending their summer exploits. On the flip side, local store owners are just initiating their highly anticipated holidays.