La Sortie working to give victims of human trafficking a way out


by Rhonda Massad

La Sortie, a non profit organization with a founding board of 5 people in July of 2013, are  working in conjunction with Health and Social Services in Montreal to give victims of Human trafficking a way out by offering shelter, help and accompaniment toward social reintergration.

Dollard resident Gerry Plumkett became aware of a void in services offered to young women with no way out of their situations.  Hence the name “Way Out or La Sortie”.

Service du renseignement criminel du Québec (SRCQ) released a report in 2013 that indicated that more than 1,070 offers for sexual services took place on the island of Montreal stemming from 200 massage parlours, 65 nude dancing bars and 38 escort agencies. More than 1,500 pimps have been active in Montreal for more than 10 years.

La Sortie hopes to renovate a home to make 10 room facility on the West Island to open in 2016,  that will shelter more than 150 women each year.  Services offered will include lodging, individual counselling, group workshops, social integration activities, mentors, medical care and follow ups.  permit occupation from the city not mentioned due to anonymity reasons.

The centre plans to be open 24/7 365 days a year and offer victims a way out of their surroundings and help them rediscover their dignity and teach them how to change their lifestyle and way of thinking along with social reintegration and finical independence.

“We will offer these women a residential resource programme certified by the Ministry of Health and Social Services. A vital aspect of our support programme will be identifying the hurt and trauma which led to the problems,” stated foundation director Ronald Lepage.


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