La Diperie Ice Cream Parlour – Fun Things to Do


La Diperie – Fun Things to Do

by Rhonda Massad

Upon the advice of my daughter Alex, I decided to not be so “dated” and take a trip into the city for the newest trend in ice cream parlours.  I am not one to battle the construction and traffic after a days work, frankly nothing seems worth it.

La Diperie

This was.  Every possible choice of topping on a splendid soft ice cream.  Dark chocolate, milk chocolate, coconut, every nut you can think of, every crushed candy you can think of.  Oreos, caramel and maple.  All to be combined in whatever way you like.

I basically got stuck on the melted milk chocolate.  The good kind.  The kind that doesn’t leave a strange taste in your mouth.  This was melt in your mouth milk chocolate.  I started out wanting the caramel, but once I saw Dan’s milk chocolate melted with hazel nuts, I traded.  He obliged, simply because they were both amazing.

The choices abound in cones and serving sizes.  I like the minis.  They are so tiny and cute, you could order a few creations this way.

I heard from my kids there can be line ups. I did not experience one.  It was smooth sailing the whole way.  Great experience and worth the drive for us loyal West Islanders.

Open from noon to 10 p.m.

La Diperie

68 Avenue Des Pins East

Montreal, Quebec

(514) 677-7130

La Diperie
Caramel and Fleur de Sel


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