Kusto Group Looks to Develop a Partnership with Dundee Sustainable Technologies



Yerkin Tatishev’s Kusto Group to explore a joint venture with Dundee Sustainable Technologies to apply patented technologies to new mining projects in Central Asia.

Kusto Group, a global multi-sector company based in Singapore and under the leadership of Yerkin Tatishev, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Canadian-based Dundee Sustainable Technologies (DST). The fundamental aim of the agreement is to adopt DST’s technologies, specifically the company’s Glasslock and CLEVER Process, and introduce them to mining operations in Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan. The companies have agreed to work together to identify and select projects in the region that would be beneficial to both companies via the application of these technologies.

The two companies will evaluate potential opportunities through the completion of laboratory test work on material for the purpose of generating technical-economic reports. With these, they will be able to properly evaluate the costs and economic data as well as the operating conditions to see if it is, in fact, profitable to form a joint venture to apply these technologies in new and existing mining operations in the region.

Daniel Kunin, a managing director of Kusto Group, said, “We are excited to begin a partnership with Dundee Sustainable Technologies. DST has created a world-class suite of technologies that bring great value to the mining sector and the environment. We look forward to working closely with the excellent team from DST”.

According to Mr. Brian Howlett, President and CEO of DST, “Management of DST completed a ten-day visit to Kazakhstan earlier this year and met with numerous potential customers in conjunction with Kusto. DST is pleased to partner with Kusto, a well-respected multi-disciplinary company in the region. Kazakhstan is an incredible market for DST’s Technologies with numerous mining projects operating and also under development”.

Kusto Group has several mining and natural gas projects currently in operation in Kazakhstan with plans to develop more projects in the regional industry.

About DST and Kusto Group

DST has developed and commercialized environmentally-friendly technologies specifically for the treatment of mining materials. Through their patented and proprietary processes, DST has developed ground-breaking technologies that allow mines to perform simple metal extraction that is often longer viable or legal using conventional techniques due to the negative impact on the environment and metallurgical issues. Not only are DST’s technologies environmentally sound, but they are also cost-efficient and easily implemented in existing and new mining development projects.

Yerkin Tatishev, the strategic visionary behind Kusto Group, founded the multi-disciplinary company more than 15 years ago and since then, the young group of ambitious entrepreneurs have aimed to modernize and develop industries in emerging economies around the world. In the spirit of entrepreneurship, Kusto Group has set out on a unique path to enhance multiple industries around the world through the introduction of innovative, disruptive technologies.

The vision of Kusto is to learn from past experiences and to follow a long-term vision of investment diversification, identifying opportunities for positive economic development, and the pursuit of sustainable development across multiple sectors. With an eye on further international growth, Kusto continues to seek out partnerships with globally leading companies to introduce new technologies and best practices to their operations in emerging economies worldwide.

Kusto Group’s Interest in Adding Value to Local Markets

This partnership with Dundee Sustainable Technologies is just one of the many joint ventures that Kusto has entered within the last few years. Kusto Group has been involved in numerous local and international deals with both private companies and public entities. Kusto’s efforts to embrace innovation and new technology cannot be understated. Through many different initiatives, the company has committed to investing in developing and building a modern agricultural sector in Kazakhstan, making the country a world-class leader in agricultural production.

Many crucial partnerships have been developed with industry-leading American firms, specifically in the agricultural sector, to bring innovative technology and methodologies to its business. These joint private and public ventures have positively impacted the agricultural sectors in Kazakhstan and Ukraine where Kusto Agro’s operations are concentrated.

In fact, Kusto Group’s KazBeef is the first company to import Angus and Hereford breeding stock to Kazakhstan, partnering with top US livestock breeding companies. Tatishev has established a pattern of using these joint ventures to not only increase Kusto Group’s production capabilities and improve its products but also to add value to communities and other stakeholders who benefit from the modernization of the industry.

The company recently signed a joint venture with US-based agricultural firm Valmont Industries to build modern irrigation systems in Kazakhstan. This project, backed by a $50 million investment, has the potential to dramatically increase agricultural yields across the Central Asian country.

Tatishev has acknowledged that when business leaders share the same goals, they can make great things happen through their cooperative actions. In the process of partnership, collaborating organizations are able to share the most advanced technologies with each other and the communities where they do business.

Kusto Group’s Company Culture of Innovation and Teamwork

Kusto Group’s wealth of local knowledge, experience and industry expertise ensures the successful implementation of these technologies to achieve increased value for both partners.

Started by a group of young Kazakh entrepreneurs, Kusto has tremendously expanded its portfolio to include operations in oil and natural gas, modern agribusiness, construction, real estate and construction and the manufacture of construction materials. While the company originated in Kazakhstan and is currently based in Singapore, they have operations across Southeast Asia, Europe, the Mediterranean, and North America.

The company’s entrepreneurial spirit that fosters an innovative culture has encouraged Kusto Group’s leadership to pursue sustainable development and growth across different spheres of industries.

With a mindset of adding value to all possible stakeholders and customers, the company’s work transcends mere traditional considerations of making profits and has transformed Kusto Group from a regional leader to a globally-recognized leader and force to be reckoned with across multiple industries.


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