Krispy Kreme and McDonald’s Unveil Sweet Breakfast Alliance for Nationwide Rollout by 2026


Brace yourselves for a delicious marriage of iconic flavors as Krispy Kreme and McDonald’s team up to create an unforgettably sweet breakfast experience. The timeless doughnut chain and the titan of fast food have pulled the curtains back to reveal a scheme set to delight the taste buds of countless Americans.

With an ambitious plan stitched together by marketing masterminds, Americans could soon enjoy the delectable glazed creations of Krispy Kreme not just at its signature bakeries but at the readily accessible outlets of McDonald’s sprawling across the country. The duo has announced a phased implementation of the venture, set to commence later this year and with an alluring promise of nationwide availability by year-end 2026.

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Although McDonald’s remained tight-lipped on how many of its staggering 13,500 U.S locations – a colossal 95% of them franchised – would be playing host to Krispy Kreme’s doughnut delicacies, statements from the doughnut chain CEO paint a tantalizing picture. Krispy Kreme President and CEO, Josh Charlesworth, heralded this venture as an opportunity for customers to enjoy extraordinary day-to-day access to the company’s beloved treats.

Reflecting on the agreement, Charlesworth gushed with pride, claiming the arrangement would skyrocket Krispy Kreme’s accessibility to fans across the country, potentially doubling their points of access by the end of 2026.

For McDonald’s, this move heralds a thrilling chance to unveil fresh business prospects. McDonald’s USA Chief Marketing and Customer Experience Officer, Tariq Hassan, talked up the deal as an opening to shake up its breakfast category with an injection of sweetness and to diversify the repertoire of treats offered throughout the day.

The fast-food giant aims to offer three varieties of Krispy Kreme’s infamous doughnuts – original glazed, chocolate iced with sprinkles, and a filled chocolate-iced, giving customers the choice to enjoy these delights individually or in a box of six.

This is not a pioneering move in the world of food alliances. Major restaurant chains have previously united with popular food brands to produce winning combinations. Taco Bell has delighted customers with Doritos-flavored tacos, and Wendy’s added a novel Cinnabon “pull-apart” treat to its menu most recently.

Krispy Kreme itself is no stranger to such partnerships. Their doughnuts are already a common sight at grocery chains such as Walmart and Kroger, alongside their own outlets. Operating in 35 countries with over 14,000 “fresh points of access” through its outlets, retail partnerships and e-commerce, Krispy Kreme is truly a global powerhouse in the doughnut world.

News of this collaboration sent Krispy Kreme’s shares soaring, with a near 30% rise by late Tuesday morning. McDonald’s stock too enjoyed a modest uplift of about 0.08%.

When pressed for financial details of the deal, a Krispy Kreme representative politely declined, stating that such specifics would not be disclosed. The alliance is exclusive to the U.S through 2026. McDonald’s has yet to release any additional comments. For now, sweet-toothed fans of the two brands eagerly await the arrival of this delicious alliance at their nearest McDonald’s outlet.