KPMG Launches Probe over Shocking Drink Spiking Incidents at Employee Gatherings


Renowned audit, tax, and advisory corporation, KPMG, has initiated an internal probe and registered a police complaint following the occurrences of two supposed drink spiking incidents at distinct monthly employee gatherings. The company’s Executive Chair from New Zealand, Matt Prichard, finds the situation “unconscionably terrible,” and asserts that the firm is committed to identifying the culpable individual he refers to as the “grubby little coward.”

In what Prichard considers to be the sole silver lining from these regrettable events, the company’s partners were present during the most recent incident, acting responsibly to ensure the victim safely reached home. This response allowed the team to discover what was happening. This was not a unique occurrence as it mirrors an almost identical event that transpired at a previous significant company assembly.

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Although uncertainty clouds the precise point of occurrence of the first incident, it is believed to have taken place within the company’s premises. To prevent future occurrences, the company had taken preventive measures such as employing professional security and increasing the presence of partner hosts at the events.

Upon learning about the repetitive nature of this alarming event, the executive chair voiced sentiments of stark anger, distress, and shock. He expressed that while younger members of the team might be prepared for such scenarios in public places, he struggled to accept that such an act could transpire within the workplace.

Over 300 individuals were present at the most recent event featuring both employees and external contractors frequenting an accessible building. The company has taken to law enforcement, kickstarted an internal investigation, and enlisted external assistance for a thorough probe. While the culprit remains unknown, Prichard emphasized the need to search within the company’s community first.

While the executive chair refrains from revealing personal details about the victims or whether tests were conducted to affirm the drink-spiking, he affirms his focus on those affected by these shocking incidents. The other employees, too, grapple with the distressing realization that such could transpire within their workplace.

Prichard addressed the staff via email about this unforeseen situation, reassuring them of the company’s commitment to their safety. Looking forward, KPMG’s priority lies in supporting the impacted individuals and diligently investigating these events. The frequency and scale of the recurring, large monthly events are currently under serious review with improvements made to smaller company events for adequate control.

Prichard doesn’t mince words when it comes to condemning the offender’s predatory actions, comparing it to a blow to the family-like unity in the company. These incidents recall the recent legal sentencing of serial perpetrators of drink-spiking and sexual assault offenses in Christchurch’s Mama Hooch bar, highlighting the severity and pervasiveness of such criminal actions.