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At the end of 2017, the KIZMET Young Child & Parent Centre will open in Sainte-Geneviève as an important family resource centre for West Islanders. It will support young families and be a hub for the community. KW Realty: Dynamik, Prestige and Performance (soon to launch) agencies have taken up the challenge and have committed to helping us make KIZMET a reality.

Starting immediately, KW Realty brokers and administration will undertake to support the dream by donating a portion of every sale, organizing corporate activities such as their Red Day (which stands for Renew-Energize-Donate) for KIZMET, and publicizing the cause with their clients and corporate partners.

“KIZMET will provide brighter futures for children while KW Realty is in the business of providing happy homes for families. Contributing to the community is a KW Realty value so to me this was a good fit all around,” said Donna Dalonzo, Founding Partner of KW Prestige in Beaconsfield, Laval and Montreal East “As a good corporate citizen, it is important for us to show clients that we value them just as we value the well-being of the community.”

It takes a lot of experience to undertake a project of this magnitude. WIAIH, a registered non-profit organization with a 58 year history on the West Island, has what it takes to make this vision a reality and the space this expansion will provide is essential to WIAIH’s growth. With KW Realty alongside, we can create a place that will ensure West Island children start with a strong foundation.

Every $1 invested in early childhood now will save $7 in health care costs later. WIAIH is hoping that other companies will do as KW Realty has done and join with them to bring the KIZMET Centre to reality.Screen Shot 2017-01-24 at 7.51.08 PM

About KW Realty

KW Realty is the largest real estate company in the world with close to 800 offices worldwide. It’s unique culture is attracting more and more brokers who are looking for an opportunity to become a part of KW Realty’s unique culture. With its mission to build real estate careers worth having, businesses worth owning, and lives worth living, KW provides its brokers with all the tools they need to thrive and build their business.



Governed by a volunteer Board of Directors and employing 20 full-time and over 50 part time staff, WIAIH is a registered charitable organization serving persons with intellectual handicaps or autism and their families for 58 years. Today, WIAIH is one of the largest non-pro t organizations in the West Island of Montreal serving approximately 1,000 people per year. Website:

About the KIZMET Centre

Building the KIZMET Centre for young children and parents is WIAIH’s opportunity to be proactive, to continue our 60 years of building community, and improving the lives of West Islanders – all children will be welcome at KIZMET because all children need a happy childhood. When a series of events and happenings in your life just fall into place in such a perfect way that the outcome is unequivocally your beautiful destiny and all is right in the world. This is KIZMET!

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