Kitchener Teen Killed in Downtown Shooting, Surveillance Footage Reveals Key Details


In an unfolding tale of violence, an 18-year-old Kitchener man, Joshua Tarnue, recently fell victim to a fatal shooting incident outside a local business in the city’s downtown area. Family members confirmed his identity following the tragic events of August 14.

Recently obtained surveillance footage sheds new light on the deadly incident. The comprehensive video, captured by a security system installed outside a neighboring business, reveals significant moments leading up to the shooting. It also provides an after-the-fact overview showing the scene’s immediate aftermath.

Critical moments of this distressing event, like the short conversation between Tarnue and the unidentified shooter prior to the brutal attack, are evident on the footage.

The night of the incident, police officers were alerted to reports of gunfire near the intersection of Queen Street South and Charles Street around 10:20 p.m. Upon arrival at the crime scene, they discovered Tarnue with gunshot wounds. Subsequently rushed to the hospital, Tarnue sadly succumbed to his injuries.

The man responsible for this callous act remains at large.

The video ensures viewers a near-complete coverage of the incident. Several perspectives, made possible by the multiple angles from which the nearby business’s security camera recorded, give a comprehensive account of the shooting which took place in the Queen Street plaza parking lot.

One distinct part of the film documents the suspect’s slow entry into the parking lot from Charles Street. Moments later, from a different angle, the man is seen halting and waiting. Tarnue slowly approaches the suspect, head bowed. As Tarnue attempts to walk past, altercation ensues. The faceoff ends with Tarnue on the ground, followed by the hasty departure of the suspect.

The footage also spotlights the reactions of bystanders, some fleeing the scene immediately and others remaining nearby. Eventually, some passersby are seen attempting to aid the stricken young man.

Officers from Waterloo Regional Police arrive minutes after, administering chest compressions as Tarnue lies motionless on the asphalt.

Waterloo Regional Police confirmed their awareness of the video, citing it as crucial evidence in their ongoing probe. “”We have viewed the footage. However, we won’t divulge intricate details as we wouldn’t want to jeopardize the ongoing investigation,” commented WRPS Inspector Kyle Lambert.

After the shooting, a public request for information was issued by the police. They disclosed that approximately ten people may have witnessed the crime, some of whom remain uncooperative with authorities. The department suspects the attack was deliberate but are still trying to discern the exact motive.

Inspector Lambert reiterated the department’s commitment to thoroughly examine all possible leads. “We won’t stop questioning uncooperative witnesses. We are keen to get an accurate account of what transpired.”

Nine days after the incident, a separate, grainy video showing the suspect was released. The suspect was last sighted fleeing the scene via a white motorized scooter, donned in jeans, a dark hoodie cinched tight around his face, and a surgical mask.

Members of the public are warned against approaching the suspect, who is described as a thin-built black male. They are urged to dial 911 if they spot him.

Tarnue’s untimely demise is the second homicide to occur in Waterloo Region this year.


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