Kitchener Man Found Dead in Car: Wellington Police Seek Public’s Help in Mysterious Case


In a tragic discovery, the Ontario Provincial Police of Wellington County have identified the body of a man found lifeless inside a car in Puslinch on Friday. The man has been revealed to be a 32-year-old Kitchener resident known as Juan David Escobar Ortiz.

His body was found in the confines of a blue sedan parked along Wellington County Road 34. The police described his passing as sudden but were unable to immediately determine if foul play was involved.

As of Wednesday, the cause of Mr. Ortiz’s death remains unknown, and the police are continuing their investigation. They have called upon the public for assistance in gathering more information connected to the case.

The authorities particularly appealed to individuals who might have valuable dash camera footage from the surrounding area or any other pertinent information that could shed more light on this mysterious incident. They urge these individuals to come forward and reach out to the police.


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