KISS Rock Legends Launch New Restaurant Venture in Carter’s Potawatomi Casino


Internationally renowned classic rock band, KISS, celebrated for their distinctive makeup, extravagant staging, and irresistible rock anthems, is carving out a new niche in the restaurant industry in the quaint town of Carter, Wisconsin.

The ground, reverberating with the echoes of drums and guitars, bore witness to the commencement of the band’s latest venture – a brand-new location for their Rock & Brews restaurant within the esteemed Carter Potawatomi Casino & Hotel.

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The conception of this new restaurant was the brainchild of KISS founding members, Paul Stanley and Gene Simmons, working in harmony with the Potawatomi tribe. The partnership blossomed following the resounding success of their initial Rock & Brews restaurant in Milwaukee.

True to their gracious spirit, Potawatomi people heralded the partnership with a heartwarming music performance of their own. This was followed by an award ceremony where Stanley and Simmons were bestowal with ceremonial tribal medals. Dominic Ortiz, the CEO of Potawatomi Hotel & Casino, expressed his appreciation, stating, “Paul and Gene’s participation in the Forest County community has been greatly valued and we eagerly look forward to the continuation of our mutually rewarding relationship.”

Simmons expressed his belief that customers will appreciate the diversity offered by the restaurant’s menu. In his own words, “While not every menu item will appeal to all, the aim is to cater to every individual’s taste. Be it lobster or a demon burger, it’s all ready to be served.”

A specially curated selection of craft brews will be one of the restaurant’s popular offerings, with the inclusion of a unique Potawatomi beer, effectively showcasing the local trade.

KISS, besides their musical genius, has traditionally exemplified formidable success in the commercial side of the rock industry. Stanley imparted some insight on this, stating, “Should you need advice, perhaps you ought to reconsider your pursuits. If you’re truly resolved to achieve something, then nothing should hinder your path.”

Though KISS has announced their final performance in their iconic costumes for December, their legacy will live on in Carter, with the new Rock & Brews scheduled to throw open its doors in spring, 2024.