Kirkland residents support WI Cancer Wellness Centre


Kirkland residents have spoken loudly, but in a soft voice Kirkland

A petition, overwhelmingly supporting the proposed Cancer Wellness Centre has been submitted, putting an end to the prospect of a registration procedure, and ultimately a costly referendum. A mere few votes on a registry opposing the project would have forced Council’s hand, bringing the issue to a referendum. Instead, recognizing the social value of the proposed project, Kirkland residents supported the Cancer Wellness Centre by recording enough signatures in favor of the zoning change, thereby allowing the project to move ahead.

The West Island Cancer Wellness Centre is a non-profit organization that plays a critical role in our community, providing much needed help and support to people living with cancer and to their families, through professional guidance, personalized exercise programs, art, meditation, yoga and various education forums, group classes and seminars. It is not a medical facility but a wellness centre offering daily programs and services free of charge to people of all ages, with any type of cancer, their family and caregivers.

“The municipal Council feels honored and privileged that this worthwhile organization has chosen our community as their new home and is especially proud of our residents for having welcomed the Cancer Wellness Centre to Kirkland and for endorsing Council’s position that this is a good project for our municipality”, said Mayor Michel Gibson, adding that “Council is there to help in answering questions for their fellow citizens, and for addressing all of their queries and concerns.”

“With a number of projects likely to come forward in the coming years, Council’s commitment to those they represent is to continue to transmit information in a timely and transparent fashion”, concluded Mayor Gibson.


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