Kirkland resident, Anthony Boccardi, co-founder of The HC Spirits company shares the debut of Aupale Vodka. Aupale is a highly specialized, premium product. Made with natural spring water from Canadian glaciers, this refined vodka is distilled seven times to achieve a neutral and smooth taste. After three years of perfecting, through research and development, the company recently launched Aupale Vodka, now available at the SAQ.

“Aupale is an exchange of natural forces from sky to earth, bottled.

7X distilled to the highest standard with glacier water sourced beneath an Aurora Borealis sky in the extreme Canadian north. The result: Ultimate purity that’s pure chemistry,” Aupale Vodka’s website says it best.

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“We actually scoured all of North America, especially Canada, because we’re Canadian, to find the best water source… We found a hidden glacier that doesn’t even sell to the public yet. We’re trying to bring that water public in the near future,” reveals Anthony Boccardi, co-founder of The HC Spirits.

This untouched glacier is found in Baie-Comeau in Northern Quebec. The water is so clean that no filtration is necessary. Within 72 hours, the glacial water is routed into Aupale Vodka’s still to keep it alive and fresh.

One of the things that make Aupale Vodka stand out from competitors is the ageing process. Vodkas are not typically aged, but Aupale Vodka is aged for two months making this a truly premium product.

Not sold yet? To turn things up a notch, the founders have used their extensive knowledge and experience in the bottle industry to craft a one-of-a-kind bottle that is both aesthetically pleasing and a piece of the Aupale Vodka’s history and ongoing story. The vodka is packaged with a twist-off cap for the consumer’s convenience allowing people to reuse the eye-catching bottle.

“We came up with an idea where we took the original vodka bottle that was founded in the 1400s in Russia. It’s like a Bordeaux-styled bottle, but we gave it a modern twist where the bottle, if you look at it, has a taper, but you don’t see the taper. It’s a textorial pattern that’s imprinted on the glass. That textorial pattern is the rocks from our Northern Glacier!

It tells the story where we take something that’s already been done and modernize it, like we did with our recipe. We took an old vodka recipe and we put more thought into it. So it’s like, dare to try something new!” exclaimed Anthony.

“We took that bottle and put a textorial pattern at the bottom. Then the top of the bottle is very clean which you see how it filters, very pure, very smooth. And the top of the cap is green, which is formed under the Aurora Borealis, which is visible at night time where our water comes from,” the co-founder continued.

The vodka is corn-based making it gluten-free. It’s kosher as well.

This highly specialized, locally-made product is currently available in Quebec but is expected to be made available across Canada and globally in 2021.

Anthony, co-founder of The HC Spirits, assures that Aupale Vodka speaks for itself. This high-end vodka is so smooth that it can be drunk straight on ice. For the vodka drinkers out there, you know this is not something to be taken lightly. Head over to your local SAQ and try this unique Quebec product before it blows up globally!


Limited quantities
Distilled 7x
Product of Canada
Bespoke bottle design

Natural glacier water
32 PPM
40% alc./vol.
Gluten free

THE RESULT: Ultra pure for a smoothest ever feel. Subtle herbal aroma. Lightly spiced perfume. Soft lemon notes. Goes down like silk.


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