Record attained at the Kirkland Library! 200,000 book loans in 2016


 The Kirkland Library reached a milestone lending 200,000 books in one single year! Mayor Michel Gibson, along with Library staff, was on site for this special occasion to ring the bells when the loan record was attained. Pleasantly surprised by this announcement, Kirkland resident Monika Illig received a Chapters gift card.

“The Kirkland Town Council is truly proud of the continued efforts put forth to promote culture and knowledge in our city,” said Michel Gibson. “It is genuinely rewarding to see how our municipal Library is able to meet the increasing demand of its patrons. Thanks to the recent renovations and extended opening hours voted by Council, the Kirkland Library keeps growing in popularity, way above our expectations,” he added.

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The Town of Kirkland would like to express its gratitude towards its Library patrons without whom, this great achievement would not have been possible.