Kirkland budget to increase slightly


At a special meeting held at 7 p.m., Monday, December 14, Kirkland Council adopted the Town’s budget for the year 2016 and set the various tax rates to apply on Kirkland’s territory over the same period.

“Every budget cycle has its challenges and 2016 was no different” said Mayor Michel Gibson, adding that “Costs for providing services continue to rise each year, changing demographics require adjustments in services provided especially for senior citizens and additional responsibilities keep being transferred to us by the different levels of government.”

“For this budget process, Council had set itself the goal to maintain local services and add new requirements while maintaining a steady budget without adversely affecting our taxpayers”, he continued. “I am very pleased to announce that Council has been able to achieve what it set out to do and is very proud of the budget presented tonight. We will continue to invest in our infrastructure and introduce new facilities, all the while maintaining a high level of service, and ensuring that City Hall remains accessible to its residents.”

”Council will continue to explore all avenues to ensure our fair share of available grants and subsidies and maintain budget control”, he concluded.

Kirkland citizens will receive all pertinent details with respect to their Town’s 2016 budget and applicable tax rates with the tax bill to be mailed in February.


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