Kinew Eyes Healthcare Reform, Tackling Homelessness, Respecting Landfill Investigation in Premier Plans


Following the historic victory of Wab Kinew, the soon-to-be premier, he deliberated on his plans pertaining to healthcare provision, issues of homelessness, and the investigation of the Prairie Green Landfill in an engagement with the press.

Conducting a press conference at the Manitoba Legislative Building a day after his epochal win, Kinew latched onto this opportunity to express heartfelt gratitude to Manitobans for placing their faith in NDP’s capabilities to herald the formation of the subsequent government.

Reasserting his commitment, Kinew expressed, “We are unswervingly committed to striving relentlessly each day to repay this huge debt of gratitude we feel bestowed with. We intend to do this by rectifying the health-care system and making life more affordable for your families.”

In the course of the press conference, Kinew tackled numerous subjects, inclusive of the Prairie Green Landfill’s search for the remains of Morgan Harris and Marcedes Myran. He remarked on the importance this particular issue held for his government, reinforcing that his government would explore the landfill.

Kinew stated, “For us, the most pressing matter right now is to sail through the transition and take the oath as the new government, post which, the landfill’s investigation will be one of our topmost priorities.”

These remarks emerge in the aftermath of the election advertisements run by the Progressive Conservatives, where they highlighted their choice to forgo the landfill investigation. Taking on a critical tone, Kinew tagged the PC’s end-of-campaign advertisements as, “disturbingly divisive and in some instances, utterly bizarre.”

In a proud declaration, Kinew stated, “Manitobans have decidedly rebuffed this message of schism and have wholeheartedly embraced a message of positivity.”

On the front of health-care, a central tenet of Kinew’s campaign, he asserted that it is essential to uplift Manitoba’s health-care system by multiplying its staff base and enriching their working conditions. Pledging immediate assistance to Manitobans regarding affordability, he asserted, “We are geared up to proffer tangible results to the residents of this province.”

Addressing the issue of homelessness, Winnipeg Mayor Scott Gillingham and Kinew share common ground. Gillingham’s previous congratulations to Kinew, was loaded with optimism about their joint efforts in resolving homelessness across the province. Kinew concurred with the mayor, saying, “Partnering with other leaders, such as Mayor Gillingham, is going to be pivotal in ensuring Winnipeg’s downtown, which serves as Manitoba’s downtown, turns into a place that everyone relishes.”

During the press briefing, Kinew acknowledged the services of PC Leader Heather Stefanson and Liberal Leader Dougald Lamont who both resigned on Tuesday night. Expressing his appreciation, he said, “Leading a team and serving Manitobans necessitates heart. This is an engagement that requires everything, and I’m aware, that each of you have given exactly that.”

While Kinew remained tight-lipped regarding the cabinet appointments of the new government, Canadians look forward to more updates from its determined leader.


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