Kim Kardashian Joins VP Harris in Push for Criminal Justice Reform


Renowned TV personality and businesswoman, Kim Kardashian has an impressive track record of wielding her star-power effectively; previously spotlighting criminal justice reform in one White House administration, and now again, in another. She achieves this by pairing with political heavyweights, the likes of Vice President Kamala Harris. Together, they rallied for a roundtable discussion on Thursday, designed to highlight the relentless work this administration is putting into criminal justice reform. The discussion also exposed how President Joe Biden has judiciously employed his clemency power to aid those imprudently convicted of non-violent drug crimes, who are serving significantly longer sentences than current laws would recommend.

Kardashian, in the past, was a celebrated figure at the White House during the Trump administration. Her significant contributions were mainly due to a strategic alliance formed with then-president’s son-in-law, Jared Kushner. Kushner’s interest in criminal justice reform resonated with Kardashian, who utilized her celebrity status to seek clemency for those she believed were unfairly imprisoned.

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In a compelling turn of events, the Biden administration invited four individuals among sixteen who were granted presidential mercy earlier this week for their committed crimes, to participate in the roundtable discussion with Harris and Kardashian.

Striking a compassionate chord, Harris, a former prosecutor, voiced her belief in redemption. She stated that everyone makes mistakes and that in a civilized society, it’s essential to offer a path for wrongdoers to make amends.

At this notably high-profile event, Jason Hernandez, Bobby Lowery, Jesse Mosley, and Beverly Robinson, who had been pardoned by the President, shared their personal journeys of triumph; talking about successful careers and their emotional responses to their pardons.

Mosley expressed gratitude and excitement about newfound opportunities available to him through his pardon, like the possibility of securing a government job. Kardashian expressed her honor to be present at the event.

Alice Marie Johnson, whom Kardashian had successfully lobbied for, securing a commutation of her life sentence from Trump, was among those pardoned. Johnson’s rights were fully restored, and she was fully pardoned in August 2020, following her release in June 2018.

Interestingly, the once mutually beneficial relationship between Kardashian and Trump appears frayed. In a recent social media post, Trump criticized Kardashian for being overrated, based on accounts from an ABC News journalist’s newly released book.

Unmoved, Kardashian expressed her indifference towards Trump’s thoughts about her, choosing to focus on his tangible contributions to prison reform, such as the significant First Step Act.

It is worth noting that so far in his presidency, Biden has commuted 122 people’s sentences and pardoned 20 individuals, all convicted of non-violent drug offenses. Additionally, he has issued a broad pardon for simple marijuana possession convictions, thus impacting tens of thousands of people.

While both presidents utilized their clemency power, Trump veered from convention, granting pardons based on recommendations from celebrities, friends, and conservative media without seeking the Justice Department’s counsel. On the other hand, Biden’s process appears more traditional and measured.