Kim Jong Un Plans Russia Trip for Arms Deal Amid Ukraine Crisis


North Korean strongman Kim Jong Un is orchestrating plans for a journey to Russia later this month with the intentions of meeting Russian leader Vladimir Putin. The primary topic stuck on their agenda is the mooted proposition of North Korea supplying armaments for the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

The North Korean leader is anticipated to make the journey from Pyongyang, possibly choosing the safety of an armored train, to arrive at Vladivostok. This city, nestled on the Pacific Coast of Russia, will be the setting for this pivotal rendezvous between Kim Jong Un and Putin.

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The U.S. administration, when approached for their comments on this development, did not provide an immediate response.

The timing of this prospective journey coincides with Russia mulling over the prospect of executing joint military exercises with North Korea. This follows the Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu’s recent visit to North Korea, during which he attempted to persuade Pyongyang into selling artillery ammunition to Russia.

The United States, along with its European allies, vehemently opposes this war, branded as a “special military operation” by Moscow. Concern grows over North Korea’s capability of providing more weaponry to Russia, which has had a military presence in Ukraine since its invasion in February 2022.

Echoing this apprehension, White House national security spokesman, John Kirby, voiced concerns about the arms negotiations between the two nations on August 30. According to Kirby, these discussions appeared to be moving forward at an active pace.