Kids’ Summer Plan – A Guide to a Carefree Summer


As a parent, and in my work with parents, I have learned that July can bring some overwhelming feelings. Having been a director and educator of a private educational preschool in the past and with over 20 years of experience in the Helping Profession and Educational Field, I’ve observed that there’s a loss of routine in the summertime. Solution? Make a “Summer Plan”!

A summer activity plan can help you stay on track when your kids are begging for you to play with them, are bored or are starting to get antsy. These are great for rainy days too!

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Parents-Plug these Activities into your calendar. Invite some friends too!

  1. Beach Fun – Pick seashells, make sandcastles and splash with your kid(s) in the water!
  2. Tie-Dye Shirts – Take an old white shirt, get some tie-dye paint or food colouring and create a psychedelic, personalized shirt your child can wear all summer long.
  3. Summer Olympics – Obstacle courses, races and relays!
  4. Tea party – Bake and decorate cookies or cupcakes and take out your play (or real if you dare) tea sets.
  5. Paper boat rave Make some paper boats, place them in a pool make them race using stainless steel straws to push them along.
  6. Rock painting – Animals, faces, bugs, superheroes, landscapes. Let your child find his inner Rembrandt on this tiny portable canvas.
  7. Beach Limbo – Use a pool noodle and play the Limbo Game! All participants must attempt to go under the bar! Use fun music and Go!.
  8. Ice Cream Sundae Bar – Add toppings-Sprinkles, Candy, Chocolate Bar Bits, Strawberries, Caramel & Chocolate Chips. Ensure that it’s peanut & nut free if needed.
  9. Backyard Camping – A tent, sleeping bags, stuffed animals and toys too! Oh, what fun!
  10. Backyard Themed Party or Get together – Luau, Fiesta, carnival, western, beach party are some ideas!
  11. Stargazing – Walk outside on a clear night. Look out for constellations, meteor showers and more!
  12. Science Day-Experiments – Volcanoes, Goop and Slime are a huge hit! Goop Recipe:16 oz of Cornstarch, 1 Cup of Water and Food Coloring(optional)!
  13. Make Lemonade – 6 peeled lemons, 1 Cup of sugar, 6 Cups of cold water. Add all ingredients together. Stir. Delicious!
  14. Friendship Bracelets – Yarn or beading cord/string & cereal or beads too.
  15. Fly a kite – Buy or make a kite. Windy days are the most fun.

BONUS PROJECT: Create a fun Summer 2019 photo album with your daily pictures. Form deeper connections all year through when reminiscing about the summer!

IMPORTANT: Use sunscreen and drink lots of fluids while doing outdoor activities. For water activities, use life jackets and floaties.