KFC Fans Rally for Boycott as More Stores Go Cashless


Clients of the globally renowned fast-food chain, KFC, are rallying for a boycott following the evolution of another one of its food joints into an exclusively card-centric establishment. The residents of Morisset, a quaint town in New South Wales, yearning for their favourite chicken delicacy, are left disappointed with the recent transformation. A prominently placed sign sets the tone: “This restaurant is cashless. We accept card only. Thank you”.

Following in the footsteps of KFC dining spots in Lakehaven and North Wyong who transitioned to the plastic-accepting model earlier this year, the Morisset outlet marks the latest restaurant to eschew cash in favour of more digital means. However, the decision has ruffled some feathers among KFC’s loyal clientele, with the rallying cry for a boycott gaining momentum across the stores that have ditched cash.

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Indignant customers have taken to social media to express their dissatisfaction. “They wouldn’t be getting my business, cash is legal tender, if they don’t want it I’ll shop elsewhere,” lamented a disgruntled patron. While another exclaimed, “It will only be cashless if we, the consumers, let it happen! Boycott shops that don’t accept cash.”

The concern isn’t just ideological, either. Practical issues are being raised, like the eftpos system’s vulnerability in the face of possible outages or bank-related complications. Despite these concerns and the stir among consumers, the prerogative of businesses in Australia to choose their preferred methods of payment is entirely within the confines of the legal framework, as per the Australian Competition and Consumer Commission.

With the monetary landscape drastically shifting in the direction of digital transactions, businesses are advised to be transparent and clear about their payment policies, as well as the minimum total price payable for their goods and services. As everybody adapts to and navigates this intricate realm of digital finances, remember that recreation shouldn’t be left behind.

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