Kensington Chooses Mirror as A Way To Solve Intersection Issue


The mayor says that sightlines aren’t good for traffic that wants to turn from Commercial Street to Broadway Street North.

Kensington Town Prince Edward Island has bought a convex mirror with hopes that it will correct the problem of sightline at a particular intersection.

According to Mayor Rowan Caseley, he said that the sightlines aren’t good for traffic that turns from Commercial Street down to Broadway Street North.

For starters, the Council considered whether to make Commercial Street one way or whether to get rid of parking spots to enhance the sight lines – however, he is anticipating the mirror will be adequate.

“We understand that it’s supposed to give you a better viewing angle and give you a longer sightline, so we do anticipate that it might help somewhat. Whether it solves the whole problem sufficiently or not, time will tell.”

He said the mirrors were used with great success in some other jurisdictions. The mirror – which is a four-foot convex – was bought for the sum of $500. Caseley said he isn’t sure how long it’ll take before it’s installed.


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