Keeseekoose First Nation Builds $44M State-of-the-Art Hospital on Tribal Land


The Keeseekoose First Nation community is making history—constructing a state-of-the-art hospital on tribal land, marking a significant milestone for the indigenous community. The triumvirate of Key, Cote, and Keeseekoose joined together as the First Nation’s leadership marked their ascent into a landmark $44 million project.

Keeseekoose Chief Lee Ketchemonia expressed his honor in being a part of such an epoch-making occurrence. He viewed this venture as not merely a new medical facility, but a testament to their self-sufficiency and prowess—a groundbreaking step for their communities.

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Poised close to the erstwhile St. Philips Indian Residential School site near Kamsack, the facility carries the promise of turning painful memories into hopeful prospects. Chief Ketchemonia’s fervent aspiration is that the sight of the new building would foster positive reminiscences for future generations, overriding the scars of the past.

Due for completion in roughly 15-18 months, the hospital is set to serve all three neighboring nations. In another unique feature, the bands will forgo the administration of the health authority, choosing instead to manage the institution in an indigenous manner. This approach integrates both traditional and western medical practices.

According to Chief George Cote, Chair of Saulteaux Pelly Alliance Health Authority and Chief of the neighboring Cote First Nation, this fusion of traditional and western methods would prove advantageous to their communities. Implementing such standards would relieve the stress of subpar healthcare services while ensuring their needs are met.

This hospital is only the second contemporary facility to be erected on the indigenous territories of Saskatchewan—the first being the All Nations Healing Hospital in Fort Qu’Appelle. The initiative is a testament to the progress of the three nations.

Further developments are underway—a new rink on Cote, and a detoxification program for the community, further illuminating a promising future for the reservation residents and their neighbors.